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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Plead the 5th

We have been having kind of a rough week here.  A lot of anxiety about Christmas and being out of routine going on.  I do, however, have one funny story to relate from today.

Last week Tyler, Tim, and I were having a discussion about something silly that I can't quite recall.  Anyhow I told Tyler he should plead the 5th.  He was unfamiliar with the term and so we explained it to him to which he dug out the amendments to the constitution and read them through.  He has been pretty interested in them all week.  We have studied the constitution before but this has for some reason sparked more of an interest.

Well today he was discussing with Lucy, our dog, how naughty she is and how if there was a Santa for dogs she would surely get coal.  He did feel, however, that she shouldn't be found guilty of all the things he feels she has done without knowing her rights.  So he dragged out the amendments again and proceeded to inform her that not only did she have the right to a speedy trial, a lawyer, and a jury but that she had the right not to incriminate herself.  It was so cute!

Kind of makes up for the rest of the week which I will gladly plead the 5th about!


Mrs. C said...

That is hilarious!! I have a feeling the dog wasn't going to 'fess up, though...

Leslie said...

Just wanted to give you a big hug!!! (((Bronwyn))) I hope your week gets better, that you feel rested and at peace. I love the humor you found in your days. You are a great mom and teacher.

Thank you for your continued prayers and encouragment of me. I appreciate your support of Tonya too! (((Bronwyn))) Love your heart friend!


Bronwyn said...

Thanks Leslie!
I really needed the encouragement today. I really appreciate your kind words! They mean so much.
I will keep on praying for you and Tonya. I wish I could put into words how sad I am for you.
Big (((hugs))) for you too!

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