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Friday, December 11, 2009

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas

I am a northern girl transplanted in the south for the last 7 years.   The rest of the family is quite adjusted to it all but not me.  Don't get me wrong it is beautiful here and the people are wonderful, warm, and genuine.  I just miss the change of seasons and the snow in winter esp. at Christmas.  See this is the view out my back door today.

It is so brown and dreary and doesn't look much like Christmas at all.

And then there is this...

This is my parents house, the one I grew up in, and this is what Christmas should look like.

This is the view from their house. (big sigh!)

So today because we have no real snow (big sigh again) we made snow flakes.  There are the regular kind

and then there are some 3 dimensional ones
and then there is the mother of all snowflakes.

It is about 2 feet across.  I never meant for it to be that large but I had never made the 3 dimensional snow flakes before and so I thought each small part was supposed to be a full sheet of paper.  OOPS!  It is kind of neat though and Tyler is super impressed with it.
If you have never made the 3 dimensional ones before here are the instructions.  It is actually super easy but it is a little time consuming.
As I was sitting and looking at the snowflakes this evening it struck me that these would also look great in red as poinsettia.  Tomorrow we are reading the Legend of the Poinsettia and so I thought this might make a fun craft to go along with that.  I quick made one to see how it would look and I am very pleased.

I glued on some paper leaves and some green pom poms in the center and I really think it looks good.  This will be fun to make more tomorrow.
I hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas and if you live somewhere where there is snow could you enjoy it for me too!  Thanks!


Sheri said...

Very pretty-girl you are so crafty! The Martha Stewart of the bloggin world!

Leslie said...

I was doing a little catching up and came to this post. I was stunned to see the snow pic until I read it wasn't here. (I wondered how you had gotten so much snow when we hadn't gotten any!)

The snowflakes you made are beautiful! We are doing a snow unit soon and these would be fun to make. Thanks for sharing them.


Bronwyn said...

I grew up in Wisconsin and I really miss the snow. Last year we got about an inch over here and we were so excited. I am still hoping we will get some yet this winter.
A snow unit would definitely be fun. I can't wait to see what you come up with.

Bronwyn said...

Thank you! I love to be crafty.
I wish I had more time to be creative. If only I didn't need sleep! LOL

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