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Friday, December 11, 2009

A Night in Bethlehem

Tonight Tim and Tyler spent some time in Bethlehem.  They left after dinner and even made it home for bedtime.  Pretty impressive, huh?
Okay, they didn't really go to Bethlehem.  A local church has a rather large dramatization of Bethlehem and the nativity.  We have never been there before but I think it greatly exceeded Tyler's expectations.

Here is Tyler at the gate to Bethlehem.
They had a ticket or list of places to visit as they went along and when they visited each place they punched a hole in their ticket.

As you can see there were lots of things to do.  Tyler was really excited about registering for the census and paying his taxes.  

I guess he didn't want to be in trouble with this guy!

 They had a good time checking out all the little shops and such.
This one is the weaving shop.

Here is the blacksmith at work.

The man in the brown robe to the right was the chief priest.

Here is the innkeeper which I understand was quite clear about the fact that he had no room!

And as the wise men did so many years ago they followed the star which led them to...

Tyler was quite taken with "the baby Jesus".  And a little with...

the angel.  I won't say anymore on that though lest I embarrass him.
I am thankful to this church for doing such a great job and allowing everyone a chance to experience what it might have been like in Bethlehem during the birth of our Savior.


Sheri said...

Oh my that is so awesome! I would love for the kiddos to do that. Golly gee Wally! And well, I say the boy has good taste, that angel is mighty perty! Kinda scary when they start noticing the opposite sex isn't it? I always wonder where the kid in them went when that starts up. Have a wonderfully Merry Christmas dear. May God bless you abundantly through out the coming year!

Diane said...

This looks like so much fun. My daughter loves events like this. Maybe next year I can find someone in our community that is doing this.

Leslie said...

This looks like an awesome Bethlehem. We visit one too each year, though it is done a little differently. I'd love to visit this one.

Just wanted to send hugs too. I'm thankful for you friend!


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