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Sunday, December 6, 2009


We had a flotilla here today and we were eager to attend as we had been planning on going to one a week or two ago and it was changed because of high winds.  It was a very chilly day here and actually seemed wintry which was nice.  We arrived over at the marina at around 4pm as the sign we had seen said that is when it began.  We did not realize that they had choirs and clowns and other festivities planned before the flotilla.  The flotilla didn't actually begin to around 6pm.  There were a lot of people there which can be very difficult for Christian so we spent some time playing outside at the playground by the marina.  Christian really enjoys going up and down the steps of the playground equipment.  It is too bad we live in a single floor house.

After about an hour and a half however Christian was ready to go home.  Tim and Tyler took us home quickly and then returned to the marina to enjoy the flotilla.

Here is Tyler back at the marina.  I love him in his cap!
They enjoyed themselves and Tim tried to take some pictures but he didn't have a tripod with so I will just post the best ones he got.

I really love the way the lights reflect in the water.


This is the boat that brought Santa.

Here is the jolly man arriving!  It was nice for him to stop here at our base. 
I know all the kids were excited. ;)
It was a fun day and I am glad Tyler got to experience a small flotilla at least.  Hopefully next year we will make it to the big one!

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Diane said...

That would be alot of fun to get to watch.

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