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Tuesday, July 14, 2009




We have now been in our new house for 4 full days.  We have almost everything out of the old house and just need to finish cleaning over there and unpacking here.  We are WORN OUT!  Thankfully the kids seem to be doing pretty well with the move.  Christian is doing very well considering that last time we moved it took him about six months to settle in.  He likes the carpeting in the living room a whole bunch and I think he likes having windows in his bedroom he can actually see out of.  Tyler is also adjusting well but I think he will be happier when everything in his room is organized.  We still have a lot of boxes to unpack and pictures to hang up.  The house is very nice.  The living room is bigger than our old one and feels much more comfortable.  We also have a really big master bathroom which is very nice.  Our new neighbors are super quiet and not home much so we haven't met them yet.  The house was a bit untidy when we first got here but yesterday housing sent over a cleaning crew and a man to clean the carpet.  They were all wonderful and considerate of our special kiddos.  It was a lot of help to me and everything is spic and span now.  I am hoping we can have the other house all cleaned up and keys turned in by Thursday so we can work this weekend on finishing up here and things can start to get back to normal.  Tim goes back to work on Monday and I am hoping to resume school on the 27th.  I am also hoping to have a "Back to Homeschool" party here in August if we are all settled in.  Tyler would like to have over some of the new friends he has made in the last couple of months.  He had a wonderful time on Saturday visiting some new friends while we were moving.  It is nice to see him be more comfortable around other children.  Thank you Ginger for inviting him!   I am sorry if this all sounds a little scattered.  I am soooo tired but wanted to catch everyone up.  I will have some pictures of the new house soon when it is set up a little more.  I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!  TTFN

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