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Friday, January 29, 2010

Quiet time

I just love this time of day.  It is about a half hour before lunch.  Christian is watching Signing Time and Tyler is in his room listening to The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe on CD from Focus on the Family (with headphones on).  I am listening to Vivaldi and enjoying the fragrance from my cinnamon and sugar candle.
We added a half hour of quiet time before lunch a couple of years ago at the suggestion of another mother with special needs children.  It has worked out wonderful!!
Tyler was taking several hours to eat lunch because he was so stressed out from going directly from schoolwork to lunch.  He needs a lot of buffer or transition times during the day.  Christian would often not be able to eat lunch at the same time as Tyler because when Tyler is stressed he is generally loud causing Christian to flee.  I was fighting to get lunch made while still working at school with the boys.  It wasn't good.
Now we stop wherever we are a half hour before lunch.  Christian usually watches a video although sometimes he just prefers to listen to the music on his little MP3 player.  Tyler listens to audio books in his room with a portable CD player and headphones.  It just works!
I did want to share with you a list Tyler has compiled of his favorite audio books.  I am proud of the great choices he makes.

1. Jonathan Park  He has all these CD's and has listened to each many times over.  They have taught him a lot about creation science as well.
2.Jim Weiss story CD's We don't have all these.  There are quite a few!  Even I love to listen to Jim tell a story.  Tyler especially loves Tales From Cultures Near and Far .  It has some funny stories that he can remember almost word for word.
3. Focus on the Family Radio Theater He loves Squanto at Thanksgiving and Traveling Home For Christmas at Christmas time.  We bought the Christmas one for my mom this year and she also enjoyed it on the way home from our house.  Tyler is listening to Chronicles of Narnia now and it is his new favorite.  He got it for Christmas.
4. The Kingdom Series by Chuck Black He doesn't have all of these yet.  A lot like the Chronicles of Narnia they are sort of parable stories relating a lot of biblical lessons.  They also go rather nicely with a medieval study.

I hope you get to enjoy some quiet time today too.  I think everybody needs at least a little.


Leslie said...

Hi Bronwyn,

This is a great idea. I'll have to remember this to see if it would help here sometime. I know that *I* would love it!!!

About the chip-in - I'm happy to help. If you want to talk via phone or email, I'm happy to do that too!!!

It's not hard. You will use the RR paypal account so that the money goes directly to them. YOu will then just specify that it is for Ivy (31) and it will go in her account. Check the orphanage number, but I'm pretty sure its the right one.

Also, ask people to donate at least 10 dollars b/c of paypal fees. They charge 30 percent for items under 10 dollars. There is an addy if you want people to send checks. You can copy any of the info you want off my blog if it would be helpful. :)

Hugs to you!

Mrs. C said...

The booklets that come with the Jonathan Park CDs are also full of a lot of information. Some of it is very detailed!

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