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Monday, January 11, 2010

Busy day

We had a really busy day here!  I feel good about the fact that we accomplished a lot but boy am I tired.
We are continuing to learn about winter here.  Today we read about birds during winter which was kind of interesting in a way because the book we were reading from pertains mostly to Canada and the Northern United States and well, yeah, I forgot to check that when I was getting our lesson ready so it was a little off for us here in the south.  It still worked out okay though. :)  After our reading we made pine cone bird feeders because unlike the book we read we have lots of birds here.

We gathered a basketful of pine cones from our yard.  We tied each one with a string so that we could hang them from the trees.

Next, we poured a bag of birdseed into a pan and spread peanut butter over each of our pine cones.

Then we rolled the pine cones in the pan of birdseed until they were covered.

We made a large bunch of them and put them all back in the basket to take outside and ...

hang on the trees!

We can't wait to see if we get some bird visitors tomorrow (probably some squirrels too).
Christian had some winter fun today too.  I was so thrilled to actually get some pictures too.  Usually I am the one that is helping him with things during the day and so I can't take pictures at the same time.  Tonight he decided to do his winter sensory box with his dad and so I was able to get some pictures.  Yippee!  Tyler made him this box for Christmas and he really enjoys it.

He was happy to hang with his dad for awhile and find all the hidden things esp. the snowflake beads.
Tonight Tim and I decorated cookies I had baked earlier today.  It was a good time.  We started off just icing and sprinkling them and then we got more creative.  Parents can have fun too!

Tim is definitely better at cookie decorating than I am.  Mine are mostly the ones to the right.
My favorites are the one he made look like the earth and the one that looks like a game spinner.
It was a silly good time.
We did a lot more than this today but like I said before I am tired so I am off to fill the workboxes and read and hopefully get some sleep.


Leslie said...

Love all your pics and hearing about your days. You always present things in a great visual manner. I'm going to need to learn to do that better for one of my boys.

I wanted to tell you that the game Silly Expressions is an old Discovery Toys game. Not sure if they still carry it or not. It's a good one though that we haven't played in a long time. I had it put away and just got it out again for the younger boys.


Leslie said...

Me again. Can you share a little bit more about the sensory box? Is he searching for something specific each time or just searching. I have one with sensory issues and we've never done anything like this. Just wondering how it might work here, but I don't really "get it".

Thanks for your help!


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