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Sunday, May 2, 2010

What to do in the heat

I spoke too soon!  I have been raving about what a beautiful spring we are having.  Usually we go from winter to super hot summer but lately we have been enjoying the most spectacular spring days with temperatures in the low to mid 70's.  Well, it had to end sometime I suppose.  Today it chose to bake us in the hot Carolina sun.  I believe the actual temp was 87!  There are only so many things you actually feel like doing when it is hot and humid outside.  Tyler has been really good all week as his schedule was a mess because of the time spent at the hospital with Christian.  So it was a nice day for him to get out and play on the water slide.
It was a hard decision to make because Christian loves the water too and he can't get wet right now because his stitches in his ear are supposed to stay dry.  I felt really bad for him as watched out the window as the water slide was set up.  I stayed inside with him and we watched lots of Veggie Tales together.  We watched King George and the Ducky twice because that is his favorite.  We also ordered from Papa Johns tonight which is a big treat here because we almost never do fast food.  I know he would have rather been outside but I think we had fun together anyhow.
Tyler really needed to wear off some of his boundless energy.  We have done a lot of sitting and waiting this week.  Sitting and waiting are tough on him.  He played on the slide for a couple of hours.
He really needed that!  He fell asleep as soon as he hit the bed.  I can't wait until Christian's ear heals and he can get some water slide time too!

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Shirley Ann said...

Hi Bronwyn, the joy in your sons face as he slides down his slide is just precious. I just love the pure joy that children can loose themselves in. They really do embrace life, it is wonderful to witness!

Blessings in Christ

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